Hog Roast Axbridge

Hog Roast AxbridgeSomerset is of course well known for being a county that produces amazing pork and if you want to sample it at its very best, you will be in for a treat if you ask the Hog Roast Axbridge team to provide it for your event! We are the most prominent hog roast company in the area, and we utilise the extremely high-quality free-range pork that is abundant in the area to rustle up outstanding feasts for lots of different occasions in the Axbridge. The method of spit roasting meat is even older than Axbridge’s medieval roots and it creates a level of taste and succulence that is simply off the scale.

Over the many years we have been plying our trade we have honed this traditional technique and put hog roasts firmly back on the culinary map in this part of Somerset due to our expertise in producing flavoursome melt-in-the-mouth pork time and time again.

Great Food With Hog Roast Axbridge

Hog Roast AxbridgeHog Roast Axbridge’s ability to make exiting freshly made food in all manner of outdoor settings makes us an incredibly popular catering option for events taking place in the area. Axbridge’s proximity to the Mendip Hills and the lovely views to be enjoyed makes outdoor dining in Axbridge a very appealing prospect for a lot of people. We don’t just offer rustic catering solutions for informal events or large-scale catering though. We have a wide range of menus to choose from, which are all comprised of the best seasonal produce and locally sourced ingredients, and all of our dishes are always made on-site, guaranteeing an unrivalled level of freshness and quality, whichever catering package you opt for. We can provide more formal menus and 3 course meals for special occasions and wedding receptions, as well as contemporary catering for corporate entertaining. Whatever your catering needs are in Axbridge, we will have the ideal menu and style of service for your event.

The Hog Roast Axbridge team can offer you the most perfectly prepared pork in the area, a superior outdoor dining experience and a bespoke menu for any upcoming event in Axbridge.