Weddings are a special breed of event, but we’re a special breed of caterer, and we have an experience and skill set to take your wedding to that next level. If you’re anything like any other couple who’ve gotten married you’ll have been planning your dream day since you got engaged, and probably long before that in many cases. But now it’s really happening, the big day is pencilled in and the hard part starts, you’ve now got to find venues, caterers, entertainment and all number of other services to make your dreams a reality.

Well with Spitting Pig you can put a big tick next to the proverbial catering box, because you aren’t going to find a company in Somerset or Britain with the expertise and full bag of tricks that Spitting Pig Somerset have. We’re the most popular hog roasters in Somerset for a good reason – the service we offer trumps all others.

There are no challengers to our hog roast in Taunton, it’s the pinnacle of event catering, an inspiring service that live up to the hype. If you know anyone who’s booked or been at an event we’ve catered for then you’ll know all too well that we’re rated highly, and with good reason. There isn’t anything quite like a hog roast, believe us, we’ve tried our hand at every other form of cooking over the years, none are a patch on a hog roast.

Food varies greatly on the method of cooking, that’s true for a chicken breast or a pack of mushrooms, and the reason our event catering at a wedding is that good is because our machines and cooking methods are the best in Somerset. If cooked meat is what you’re after there’s no equal to spit roasting. Spit roasting is almost as old as the land itself; it comfortably predates the formation of the Somerset Council by a couple of hundred thousand years, spit roasting also predates almost every other cooking method in existence. And the reason for it surviving through the ages is clear – you can’t replicate the great taste of a hog roast, neither can you come close to mimicking the festival of hog roasting.

When you cook meat for hours, sometimes up to 8 hours, you know you’re going to get a remarkably tender and flavour-filled end-product, but when you spit roast the meat for so many hours you have an even better result. Ovens can be tricky, you can often burn or pig on a spit 4make dry the meat if you cook it too long, or you can end up with the bottom of the meat being soggy as it cooks in a sea of fat. In contrast, with a hog roast in Minehead the natural fat and juices of the animal are distributed evenly throughout the cooking process as the pig rotates on the skewer. And you can’t get the same result any other way than with a spit roast, because as the pig turns the juices are absorbed back into the meat as the pig spins ad nauseam.

The best part? Well asides from the always-succulent meat, the bonus of a hog roast is the enormously enjoyable crunchy, crispy crackling. It’s truly like nothing else you’ll ever taste and it adds an extra element to the hog roast – as if it needed another!

Spitting Pig Somerset aren’t just about making a cracking hog roast in Shepton Mallet, equally as good an option for your wedding are any of the spit roasted meat options. Why not try our tasty sirloin of beef or chicken, better yet, why not give our turkey or lamb a try? We can even serve a nice chicken kebab and gourmet sausage and burgers. They’re not hog roasts, but they’re every bit of good and you might even prefer them! Variation is the spice of life, which is why Spitting Pig Somerset offers up so many various catering selections for any wedding hog roast in Yeovil.

Don’t even get me started on all the other food options to accompany your spit roast meal. We’ve got everything from starters to salads and canapés to puddings, all of which make your hog roast in Clevedon even better.

We made our menus unique to our other menus, seeing as weddings are a unique and special event we thought it only right that we make menus with a service all the more fitting. Many of our menus include a front of house person, waitresses, chefs and drinks on arrival. We can even have a drinks bar throughout the event if required, although you would have to provide the drinks in that scenario.

For a hog roast in Frome our wedding service is everything you could hope from your wedding caterer, we’ll see that your visions and dreams for the big day are achieved. We’ve never been one for taking a step back from a challenge, in fact, the bigger the challenge the better as far as we’re concerned. Throw everything that you have at us and we’ll pass the catering test with flying colours, because we’re that good. We’ve been doing what we do on a daily basis for many years, so much so that catering a hog roast in Weston super Mare comes easy to the team. It’s almost second nature to us having catered so many great hog roasts in the past, we have an astonishing ability to make hog roasts for 50 people or for 500.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that we’re also big supporters of free range husbandry and use free range organic produce when we can, because we see it as important to minimise practices of large factory farming, and animals reared in their natural habitat thrive, which converts into an even better tasting hog roast in Taunton than you’ll ever have had before, we can promise that. Our taste of ethical farming also helps the local Somerset economy, which is something that benefits us all.

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