Hog Roast Chard

The Best Hog Roasts in Chard

Hog Roast ChardI was asked to cater a hog roast event for the local animal sanctuary this past autumn and I was more than happy to do so.  This was due in part, to the fact that I’ve got a soft spot for animals; so, once I made an agreement with my assistant that neither one of us would go home with any new pets, Hog Roast Chard was on its way. It was not going to be a large event, only a few hundred people, if that; so I took along my Titan Hog Roaster.  The Spitting Pig Company, who manufacture the two machines I have purchased, have been in business over 20 years and they know how to make durable, manoeuvrable and attractive hog roasting machines.  For instance, manoeuvring the Titan was not a problem at all because of its four pneumatic tyres that easily allow traversing any terrain.

People have been living in the Chard area since prehistoric times.  There is still evidence of Roman dwellings there as well; and it was mentioned in the Domesday Book. The town’s current name didn’t come into being until the Bishop of Wells, who was the Lord of the manor, named it as such sometime before the Norman Conquest.  Prior to that time, Chard was called both Cerden and Cerdre.

Chard eventually found its wealth in the wool trade.   But, when the woollen trade rose in the north, it badly affected the industry in the south.  Therefore, once that tapered off in the late 1700’s, Chard’s saving grace became the manufacture of lace, which began in the early 1800’s.  This lace industry grew in and around Chard and was soon exported worldwide.  The industry flourished into the mid-20th Century when the last mill closed down.  However, some of the firms that developed out of the lace industry still operate in Chard to this day.

To add to its varied and interesting history, Chard may also be the birthplace of powered flight, as it was first demonstrated there in 1848 by John Stringfellow.  It also holds the distinction of possibly being the town where articulated prosthetic limbs were developed.

The Titan also has the facility to spit-roast or oven roast meat and vegetables as well.  I decided to roast racks of pork ribs along with a number of whole chickens and some whole potatoes, as well.  We set up, which is never a big task with these machines, and once the meat was on the go, I ensured there was a table full of fresh rolls, condiments and other bits and pieces that would help folk to make themselves some delicious sandwiches.

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Surrey - salads1I often work with The Spitting Pig Company to include one of their flexible and affordable hog roast hire Chard packages, should I need their assistance.  They offer everything from a hog roasting machine, a chef, and serving staff, to a varied and fresh menu of hors d’oeuvres, entrees and salads.

As soon as the meat got to roasting, I found I was not only attracting attention from the people visiting the fundraising event, but also the animals that were there to help the cause.  There was no need to worry, though, as we ensured there would be enough ribs roasted to leave enough for every one of those deserving animals. There is always a great deal of interest from visitors about the idea of hog roasting.  The process is intriguing, and also the machine draws a lot of admiration.

For instance, people are often interested in how they could get their hands on a smaller version of these machines in order to use them at home.  I find this part of my day whenever I’m catering, to be the most enjoyable.  It doesn’t feel like work at all, to be able to discuss what I do and how I do it.  I get to meet a lot of nice people, and find that much of my business comes via word of mouth from satisfied customers such as these.  I also alert people to The Spitting Pig’s various hog roast hire Chard ideas and packages, should they need one to augment any events they are planning. Hog Roast Chard was a very successful day for myself and for the animal sanctuary, which is a good thing.  It’s never really work when you can do positive things for people and places.  As well, offering wholesome, high quality fare, along with good, friendly service, can only enhance your business and your life.