Hog Roast Cheddar

The Best Hog Roasts in Cheddar

Hog Roast CheddarI have been a hog roast caterer for a number of years now and I work very closely with The Spitting Pig Company, having originally bought my two spit-roasters from them.  The Titan and the Hogmaster serve me very well wherever I go to cater events in England and Wales.  The size of the event determines which machine I bring with me; and, if it’s a very large event, I make sure and get in touch with the people at The Spitting Pig Company to ask for assistance through one of their flexible and affordable hog roast hire Cheddar packages.

I am lucky enough to get most of my work via word-of-mouth from satisfied customers of previous events.  And this event was a real cracker, if you pardon my pun, because I was asked to work in Cheddar.

This is an area I’ve always wanted to visit but never had the time.  Cheddar in Somerset is home to the very famous Cheddar Gorge, England’s equivalent to the Grand Canyon.  These vast underground caverns, some filled with huge crystalline structures, are fascinating and I highly recommend visiting them.  It’s a real wonder of the world.

Cheddar’s history for the most part, springs up around these caverns and gorges and awe-inspiring waterfalls. This is one of the best archaeological areas anywhere.  There are remnants from all periods in history up to and including the industrial age.  The town’s position is truly enviable, being right at the mouth of the Gorge itself.

There is a surviving Roman and Saxon history, too, which shows evidence of villas and many other buildings. After post-medieval times, Cheddar doesn’t seem to stand out in any way in terms of industry; however, various factories cropped up and utilised the power of the river to function.  Interestingly, strawberries were grown commercially in this area; but mostly, in the later centuries, the gorge and the caves were the major attraction and source of income; as well as the creation and production of cheddar cheese, much of which was and still is aged in the caves of the gorge.

Leaders in Our Field

I was asked to cater an event that I would come to call hog roast Cheddar, but was actually set up to honour the cheese itself.  There were stalls of cheese and crafts and wine and for my part, I determined to do the perfect accompaniment, a roasted hog.  It was set to be a fine summer’s day, so I sourced a 50 kilo hog to spit-roast on the Titan.  I also brought along sacks of baking potatoes to be roasted in the internal oven.  Nothing’s better on a baked potato than cheddar cheese, and so I arranged, with the help of my assistant, to have a variety of different cheddar cheeses grated and displayed at the table of condiments beside the roaster.

Surrey - salads1Anytime there’s good food and refreshments, there’s bound to be people enjoying themselves, and there was no shortage on this day.  No sooner had the beast begun to roast, than people began to gather round in small groups quite possibly wanting to be first in line for a succulent pork sandwich.  I had the usual questions from interested individuals about the machine, which I have to say, is a marvel of art and functionality, with its shining stainless steel outside, its durability, and its ability to continuously turn and perfectly roast the meat.  I often find there’s a great deal of interest in the economy of such a process, as well as the healthy way in which the meat cooks.  Meat spit-roasted in this way is lower in calories and fats because the fat drips off into a tray below.  It also allows for the formation of a brilliant crackling which, to my mind, can’t be beat in terms of making the perfect sandwich happen.

Hog roast Cheddar was an event to remember.  I didn’t need to ask for the assistance of The Spitting Pig Company with their hog roast hire Cheddar. packages, but I knew if I’d had to, they’d have been happy to help with whatever I needed.  The event wasn’t too large and I was able to cope with one assistant only.  I cannot stress enough how strongly I believe there isn’t a better business to be in than hog roasting.  You’re creating a little bit of happiness and good memories for people everywhere you go.  Good food; good, friendly service; and good times.  That’s what it’s all about.