Hog Roast Chew Magna

The Best Hog Roasts in Chew Magna

Hog Roast Chew MagnaI am a hog roast caterer who works throughout England and Wales.  I will take my trade anywhere I can in order to cater any event, large or small. I was asked by Chew Magna in order to cater a hog roasting event this past summer which I dubbed hog roast Chew Magna. Chew Magna is a lovely area and sits next to Chew Valley Lake, a large man-made reservoir built by the construction of a dam on the River Chew in the 1950’s. It’s not very deep — only 37 feet at its deepest with an average depth of 14 feet.  In order to create the Chew Valley Lake, agricultural farmland was flooded; and as with many a man-made lake, when water levels plummet during dry spells, a hauntingly eerie sight awaits of old dwellings, hedgerows, roads and even a bridge. It always seems so sad, seeing the past like that and imagining the lives of the people who once lived there.

The reservoir is rich in wildlife and has been designated a SSSI, a Site of Special Scientific Interest – a specially protected area.  It is also home to one of Britain’s most important sites for wintering wildfowl. In addition, it is also a world-renowned for its fly fishing and has a well-stocked trout fishery, with some trout weighing in at over 10lb!

And so, to that end, hog roast Chew Magna catered a trout fishing competition.  It wasn’t meant to attract more than a hundred or so folk, so I brought along my Titan Hog Roasting Machine which I’d purchased a few years early from The Spitting Pig Company. It can take several hours to roast a whole hog, but for this event, I opted to have several chickens spit-roasting alongside a few racks of pork ribs.  These take a lot less time and are just as savoury and tasty as the hog would be.  I also made sure that there was a large table well-stocked with rolls for sandwiches, applesauce, and condiments.

Leaders in Our Field

Hog roast Chew Magna, was a very successful event, not just for myself, but for the fisher people who came to compete.  It was good fun to watch the competition take place and eventually, there was a winner – a young lad who caught a 7.5 pound beautiful rainbow trout.  Everyone was in good spirits and so, as soon as the meat got to roasting, and the aromas wafted around the lakeside, people started to gather by the Titan to chat and ask not just when the meat would be ready to eat, but also about the machine itself and the process of cooking it.  I always take this opportunity to hand round my business card and meet new people.  There’s lots of ways to network, but I find this the most enjoyable.  I end up with most of my business through word of mouth from satisfied customers!

salads 5You can hire serving staff, and full menus should you want to, which include organic hors d’oeuvres, salads and entrees.  They have been in business over 20 years and really know what they’re doing, so their staff always arrive on time, looking and acting professional, and they are as efficient as they can be.  I more than appreciate the help they have given me on many occasions and sometimes, at the drop of a hat.