Hog Roast Crewkerne

Hog Roast CrewkerneCrewkerne is a historic market town that is popular with outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hiking and cycling across the surrounding countryside whilst taking in the panoramic views of the town from the nearby Bincome Beaches Nature Reserve. If you are enthusiastic about hosting an outdoor event but you are unsure what catering options may be available to you if you go down this route, the Hog Roast Crewkerne team would like to take this opportunity to tell you how we can provide your perfect outdoor catering package whatever the occasion! We are the top hog roast experts in this part of South Somerset, and you won’t find anyone in the area more qualified than us when it comes to preparing and presenting mouth-watering slow cooked pork. Our mastery of this ancient cooking method in conjunction with our unique modern menus enables us to be a viable catering choice for any event in Crewkerne, including local markets and public celebrations, wedding receptions and private parties

An Outstanding Catering Experience In Crewkerne

Hog Roast CrewkerneHog Roast Crewkerne’s unswerving commitment to the quality of our ingredients is another factor that sets us apart from the competition. We only ever source our meat from the best pork producers in Somerset and treat it with the respect that it deserves in the slow and delicate process we employ in preparing it. The rest of the ingredients on our diverse menus are chosen with just as much care and all of our dishes, which are always freshly made on-site whilst the meat is cooking, celebrate the finest locally produce Somerset has to offer. For special occasions and more formal dining we can prepare sumptuous 3 course meals and individually handmade canapes, along with a friendly front of house team to greet your guests and professional table service throughout, provided by our own events team.

As well giving you an unforgettable hog roast, the Hog Roast Crewkerne are capable of providing magnificent meals in any setting for all types of events in Crewkerne, conscientious service tailored to match the style of your event and attention to detail in everything we do.