Hog Roast Glastonbury Putting On A Fantastic Spread For An Engagement Party

Hog Roast Glastonbury recently catered Selma and Jake’s engagement party at a local church hall, where we created a great spectacle of a hog roast that most of the guests absolutely loved. We say most because some of the guests that we catered were vegetarian or vegan but we actually provided them with delicious homemade food too. We’ve spent many years ensuring that everyone can eat our food, and that means we have plenty of options for various diets, which our chefs whip up with the same dedication and commitment as they do when cooking a hog roast or spit-roasting birds or animals.

If you have any special requirements for your next party or event, Hog Roast Glastonbury can do you proud by making sure everyone enjoys their food regardless of diet and even regardless of personal taste too.

Hog Roast Glastonbury

For Selma and Jake’s celebration, they asked Hog Roast Glastonbury to roast a hog so that we could make piles of our yummy pigs in buns for the majority of the guests, as well as provide some side dishes. The vegetarians and vegans would be treated to our dairy-free mac and ‘cheese’ and could also eat all of the sides too – spicy sweet potato wedges, a green leaf salad and skin-on jacket potatoes.

When it came round to the afternoon of the party, our team set up our equipment in the church hall and prepped the fresh, local meat, ready for its roasting. We were cooking indoors on this day, which we can do if preferred, as long as there’s enough space and ventilation. We were there hours before the happy couple or their guests, as it takes a long time to roast a hog from fresh – slowly but surely, while we check on it periodically. 

We were serving at 7pm, but before then, many of the guests arrived to the amazing meaty smells inside the venue and the wonderful sight of the centrepiece hog roast which had finally finished cooking. During a short rest (the meat, not us!) we checked on the mac and ‘cheese’ and the potato dishes, which were all cooking away, prepared the salad and then finally, it was time to carve the meat while it was steaming hot and get ready to make the pigs in buns.