Hog Roast Long Ashton

Hog Roast Long AshtonHog Roast Long Ashton are bringing a new way to dine in style to your events in Long Ashton this year. With over 20 years in the event catering business we’ve crafted a stylish dining package that makes mealtime at your special occasions a worthy event of their own. Our speciality hog roast does all the heavy lifting in making events a true spectacle of taste and sight to behold! The hog roast is a traditional dish dating back hundreds of years and even in all that time it’s stylish yet simple elegance is still utterly unbeatable. This well roasted pork beauty is an achievement of taste and well-balanced textures as it slow cooks fresh throughout the day in a stylish manner befitting of any event. The Hog Roast Long Ashton speciality hog roast is not only a great meal, it’s a great centrepiece attraction to the day as it looks magnificent on display in cooking and in serving.

With the traditional spit roaster we provide the genuine slow roasting experience as your hog roast cooks throughout the day over a hot bed of flames. The result takes that little bit longer to come by, but it is all the more worth it as your meat is so perfectly cooked with juicy flavour and brilliant crispy texture across the skin. All this and more is available to your wedding receptions, corporate functions, festivals, anniversary parties, birthday celebrations and so much more only with Hog Roast Long Ashton, so call today!

Bespoke Catering For Long Ashton Events

Hog Roast Long AshtonHog Roast Long Ashton qualifies itself as a premium dining experience with how we prepare, cook, and serve, but we don’t carry that labelling forward into our pricing. Fortunately for you we would rather make our services available to all which is why our stylish service comes at a fair and flexible price point that doesn’t block you out on quality. Our dining packages are designed with each type of event in mind, and we are always more than happy to customize our menu and services to suit your event. All without breaking the bank!

What could be better than this! Nothing – so call Hog Roast Long Ashton to bring our great dining to your next event today.