Hog Roast Muchelney – 21st Birthday

We had a telephone call from a very frantic lady in the holidays her daughter was celebrating her 21st birthday beginning of March- hall venue arranged, guests invited and the catering firm she had booked had gone into liquidation the poor lady was devastated. We told her not to panic and we would help and within a few hours we had a lovely menu constructed for her. When it came to the day she was overly anxious and we told her to sit back relax and we had the job in hand with Hog Roast Muchelney.

Catering for 150 guests and a finger buffet was arranged lots of fresh sausages were placed on a machine and when the sausages were cooked they were placed on sticks and some were to go in finger buns along with heaps of fresh salad. We placed a large cheese board on the centre of the table with every cheese imaginable and a selection of crackers we also made some little fresh fruit desserts and chocolate pots and dotted them about the tables too we brought a bit of everything to please everyone. As the birthday girl arrived with her parents there were huge sighs of relief, as they looked at the table and the girl’s mother couldn’t thank us enough for saving the day. The guests all commented on the sausages our sausages are from our award-winning butcher who makes the best sausages around and makes them in an assortment of flavours, which we often use for events. Everyone had a fantastic time and lots of guests at the event came and asked if we would cater for them with Hog Roast Muchelney for up and coming events we handed out some cards and everyone was eager to take one. We felt such satisfaction as we cleared away knowing that we had helped to make the day complete and more than often we get frantic calls from others who have been let down by catering companies and with ease we can make the days happen a little time and effort goes such a long way and we give one hundred and ten per cent in all we do.