Hog Roast Sedgemoor

Hog Roast SedgemoorWherever in Sedgemoor you may be, from Bridgwater to Burnham-on-Sea, or Axbridge to Highbridge, you’ll know that it has so much on offer to both residents and visitors. The West Sedgemoor Nature Reserve is a wonderful place for a day out, where you can spot a great variety of wildlife, no matter the season or weather, and our seven miles of beach is so much more than just sand and sea, with dramatic cliffs and caves to be explored. We’re proud to be a part of the Somerset Levels and Moors, and renowned for our history, including the Battle of Sedgemoor, but we’re also proud of our stunning attractions and the great variety of food and drink options on offer.

Something For Everyone In Sedgemoor

Hog Roast SedgemoorWhen it comes to catering in Sedgemoor, it will be highly useful for you to know that Hog Roast Sedgemoor provides so much more than what our name might imply. While we’re experts at hog roasting, after many years of experience catering all kinds of parties and events, both formal and informal, we also know and understand the need for alternatives, as well as additional options. For a long time now, we’ve ensured that our customers and their guests are all catered for, regardless of personal tastes or special diets, so on our menus, you’ll also find more meat options, like spit-roasted beef, lamb, turkey and chicken, as well as dishes to suit vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies or intolerances, like gluten-free or dairy-free. Not only that but Hog Roast Sedgemoor can also provide multiple courses, so you could have a menu with a starter, main and dessert, and you can add sides and even canap├ęs and drinks if preferred. Whatever your needs, we make sure that your guests are treated to high-quality and tasty dishes made from fresh, local ingredients, and by highly-qualified chefs and catering assistants who care.

Whether you’re planning a meeting at Sedgemoor Campus, a birthday celebration at home in Badgworth, your wedding reception at Compton House or something altogether different, Hog Roast Sedgemoor can make your catering needs a reality, as well as highly memorable and affordable.