Hog Roast Somerton

The Best Hog Roasts in Somerton

Hog Roast SomertonSomerton is an agricultural market town.  There is archaeological data that proves life in this town from as far back as 48 AD.  After the Roman occupation, it was populated by the West Saxons for about 100 years after the end of the Roman Empire.  And since that time, it has always been populated. It’s definitely a beautiful town with lots of old world style in its buildings and in the way the streets are laid out.I visited Somerton as a caterer for a hog roast event at their sports field which was a sort of homage to the Olympics, really.

I have been a hog roast caterer for a number of years now and I go all over England to help cater events of all description from weddings to fairs, and this particular day, it was simply an outdoor BBQ for about 200 people. I purchased hog roast machines from The Spitting Pig Company when I first began in this business and I’ve never looked back.  Hog roasting is a wonderful way to make a living and a wonderful way to meet new people.  I also work, on occasion, with The Spitting Pig Company because they offer a variety of hog roast hire Somerton packages which help me when I’m catering for very large events.  They can offer their own machines as well as a chef, serving staff, and a variety of organic menus.

Leaders in Our Field

Surrey - salads1As this event was not looking to be too large, I decided to go it alone with only my usual assistant.  As we always do, we arrived early to prepare the beast and get it roasting in plenty of time before people began to arrive.  I also laid a table full of sandwich-making supplies such as buns, condiments, apple sauce, and loaf-style stuffing.

As the aromas of the hog, roasting on my Titan machine, begin to waft about the area, it always draws people to the area I’m working in and I really enjoy this opportunity to talk about the machine, the process, and the work itself.

Fortunately, the rain held off for the day, but the ground was still a bit soft from earlier days of heavy rain.  I was well off to one side of the field, but still had a great view of all the various amateur sporting events where mostly the local school children participated.  I thought it was a good way to garner an early interest in the upcoming Olympic Games later in the summer.

Hog Roast Somerton went smoothly without a hitch.  The meat being served is truly inspirational.  It takes no trouble at all to get it prepared, as all you need do is wet it down and rub it with salt or whatever herbs and spices you like.  The meat cooks for hours, but is always turned out to perfection, being succulent and juicy with a nice topping of crackling.  Because the meat is spit-roasted, all the fat drips onto the pan and so it is not consumed, making it a very healthy way to eat meat.  It’s even better for you if the meat is locally-sourced.  I always try my best to ensure the meat is local, so that there is less of an impact on the animal itself and the environment.  I cannot recommend hog roasting enough as an easy, fun, healthy way to serve food at any type of event.