Hog Roasting in Cheddar

Here at Spitting Pig Somerset we provide an experience like no other which you will always remember and that will leave you wanting more. Our hog roasts have been amazing customers at events for years, even the rain cannot damper the day if a hog roast is there. Tingling the taste buds of those who love their meat, delightful and indulging desserts and little lovely canapé treats. We provide 5 star service where ever we go, only roasting the best produce and using the freshest ingredients in all of our dishes.

Over the many years of dedicated catering service we have served up feasts to millions of customers, helping customer set up their events due to the fact catering can be a massive part of any event, that is where we are different from the rest we can provide a selection to please everyone from little treats to get you going while you wait like; Peking Duck Wraps to Spicy Thai Chicken Kebab and Mini Quiche then best bit of the feast which is the main course and there are a few to select from; Spit Roasted Pig served with Apple Sauce, Stuffing & Crispy Crackling to Spit Roasted Spring Lamb Seasoned with Rosemary served with Mini and a Mustard and Dill Sauce and Local Free Range Spit Roasted Chicken served with Stuffing and Homemade Onion Gravy last but not least many people favourite dish the desserts which we have a wide selections of delightful dishes like; Profiteroles to Chocolate Torte and Sticky Toffee Pudding. All of the courses have many other dishes we can offer so why not look at our website, plus in most menus the Main course come with a selection of potatoes, salads or vegetables, so you can mix and match all you want.

We had a grand event the other week serving up our famous Spit Roasted Pig with Apple Sauce, Stuffing and Crispy Crackling to the wonderful people of Somerset for a company in Cheddar; they adored the pig and loved all the complements with it. We began serving at 11.00am and finished at 5.00pm with plenty of meat spare even though the lovely guests and workers came back for seconds and even thirds. It goes to show how much people love our hog roasts to keep coming back. We platted up the rest of the meat and set off home to clean our wonderful hog roasting machines after their hard day of work and for us the chefs and nice hot brew.

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