Pretty busy this month

Freshford is a small village; the village actually includes several smaller hamlets which are separated from the village centre only by a few hundred metres of field. The village dates back to the Saxon times, and even before these times there was a mill here. The land was then transferred to an abbey.

IMG_4437Freshford, as you might expect, is a lovely place; quiet, tranquil, none of the trouble or drama that you get elsewhere. As a hog roast caterer I see a lot of Freshford and its people. We offer hog roast Freshford and hog roast hire Freshford. With hog roast Freshford, you’re guaranteed a hog roast with crackling and all the trimmings. We include decorations, bread rolls and serviettes. With hog roast hire Freshford you can be sure of hiring quality hog roast machines.

Me and my team have been pretty busy this month, doing birthdays and weddings. January was a bit quieter, but we still did two weddings and hired a hog roast machine for a birthday party in a local pub. And two birthdays, too. One of the birthdays was a 40th and they partied right into the night. That’s cool – embracing getting older, not running from it. Hog roast catering is fun even when it’s a bit hectic. We’ve got a couple more weddings coming up next week, and an engagement party after that. Then two engagements (one to hire, one to cater).

Making hog roasts is like a fun challenge. It’s hard because you’ve got to get everything right, or you end up with bones and gristle still inside. Or no crackling. So it’s hard to make them but we use our own recipe and, like, that’s the challenge – that it’s complicated but you pulled it off. That’s what gives you pride in your work.