Hog Roast Minehead for A Local Tourism Company

Northamptonshire - porkEvery year a local travel company throw a party for all their staff who work so hard throughout the busy summer season promoting events in the local area and educating visitors about the history, heritage and culture of the region, ensuring tourists have a rewarding experience that makes them want to come back again and again. From bus drivers and tour guides, to customer service staff and marketing assistants, everyone involved in playing a part to make their area a major stopping point for holidaymakers, are treated every year to an evening of food, drink and music to start the summer season off with a bang! The organisers of the event usually opt for a bit of a DIY barbeque and some nibbles, but this year they decided to push the boat our and hire Hog Roast Minehead to provide a much more inspiring spread! They chose us because we are also huge advocates of what the local area has to offer with our exclusive use of only the freshest regional ingredients and finest locally-reared meat in all of our dishes!

Here at Hog Roast Minehead we always jump at the chance to cater for companies who instil a sense of local pride in the area, and we couldn’t wait to dazzle them with one of our polished and exciting corporate menus and show them the fantastic results we can produce with our carefully selected local ingredients!

There was a buzz of anticipation in the air, as our chef tantalised the tourism staff with our flavoursome, aromatic pork whilst his carving knife glided deftly through the tender meat. It wasn’t too long before he put everyone out of their misery though and as Northamptonshire - Breadsoon as he was ready serve, every employee flocked to the serving table! With our range of refreshing salads and crispy potato wedges acting as the perfect accompaniments to the rich pork, everyone agreed our buffet was worlds apart from their usual banal barbeque. All the staff also appreciated being presented with exceptional dishes from the local area and now they had tasted Hog Roast Minehead’s food, there was definitely no going back to their boring barbequing ways! I guess we’ll see you all again next year then folks!