Hog Roasting On The Beach In Minehead For 25 Beachcombers

For the group of people Hog Roast Minehead met last weekend, beachcombing is not simply a casual hobby, or merely about collecting a few nautical knick-knacks as they are strolling on the sands, it has become a way of life! The 25 members of the beachcombing society know every inch of their local beach like the back of their hand and spend as much time as possible on it, collecting samples, removing any litter they find and learning about marine biology, local geology and the importance of conservation. Although they all see quite a bit of each other anyway, every year they have a special get-together to share their findings with each other and compare notes about any changes they have observed to the beach over the year. They usually end the day with a meal in a local restaurant, but this year marked the 5-year anniversary of the group’s formation, so they wanted to do something special and ideally have a meal on their own beloved beach! They didn’t just want to bring their own butties with them though, they still wanted restaurant-quality food that they could enjoy in their favourite location, which seemed like an impossible ask, until they got in touch with Hog Roast Minehead!

To their delight they discovered that we could give them everything they wanted- a menu to rival any great restaurant all freshly prepared by us using locally-sourced ingredients, cooked Surrey - pig20right there in front of them next to their favourite rock formations! They loved being able to gather together there with the tempting aroma of the pork mingling with the sea breeze as it roasted slowly. They also loved how discerning we are about our ingredients and how considerate we are towards the environment. The Hog Roast Minehead are always very diligent about cleaning up after ourselves after an event and when the beachcombing party was over, we assured the conservation-conscious bunch they would not be able to find a single trace that we had even been there!

The beachcombers were thrilled with the food and our ethical stance, and they couldn’t believe we had produced a meal of such quality right there on the beach! They enjoyed the experience so much that they have asked Hog Roast Minehead to come back again next year for their next annual gathering!