Event being catered a hog roast at Larkhill

We had been looking forward to seeing old friends again at the weekend as we doing a hog roast in Larkhill, yes that is how we regard the couple in question we have known them since we first began hog roasting several years ago they booked Hog roast hire for there Sons 18th birthday and that was just the start! Since then we have catered for the Daughters 21st the Grandmothers eightieth birthday that was just in the first year since then we have went on to cater for the couples silver wedding anniversary the Sons graduation party the Cousins Wedding the Nieces Christening and more and more and more! They keep coming back time and time again and we have told them they should invest in a machine and learn the trade, but to be honest if they did we would be sad as they have become great friends and we would be sorry to see them go! Cooking-and-entertaining-300x200This weekend it was another birthday another excuse the husband said, Hog roast hire did the couples favourite Pig we have lost count on how many pigs we have supplied to this family they love pork and crackling to they must have crackling. They have left us some fantastic feed back on our website and we are so grateful to them for this we a have pages of this and feel it always attracts new customers to hog roast in Larkhill and this family are great advertisers of us we also have dozens of photos of the family on our website at their different venues and the family have a good laugh about this we always say that it seems like their family business and they do know the ins and outs of our company we are all on first name terms and know so much about each other they are like family and to be honest we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hog roasting brings people together and we always say once you try hog roasting you wont ever go back to traditional catering and for this family that is more than true we even suggested they buy a machine for there kitchen and hog roast each evening why not they say and we believe that one day they just might!