Outdoor Fun Day Catering – Hog Roast North Curry!

Hog Roast North CurryWhile many may shun the idea of hosting outdoor events in the colder months, fearing a potentially low turnout and the effects that unpredictable weather might have on the celebrations, individuals like Calvin and Michael see every season as an opportunity to celebrate!

As ardent outdoorsmen, the duo recently organised an outdoor fun day to share their love for nature and create a platform for people in the area to come together.

Open to everyone with a nominal entry fee, the event promised a day of camaraderie through exciting group games such as rounders, volleyball, and football. Calvin and Michael’s passion for the outdoors was evident in the variety of activities they had planned. And to ensure everyone’s energy levels stayed high throughout the day, they enlisted the help of Hog Roast North Curry, known for our unbeatable spreads, which have the power to turn strangers into fast friends.

Under the guidance of catering manager Alistair, the Hog Roast North Curry team served up a feast from our BBQ Menu for the 60 attendees. Handmade British beef burgers, gourmet sausages, chicken kebabs, BBQ spareribs, veggie burgers, and grilled veggie and halloumi kebabs provided a bountiful banquet for everyone. We also provided sides of pasta salad, Greek salad, and mixed fries, which complemented the smokey mains perfectly.

Hog Roast North CurryDespite the typical January weather in Britain, the event was blessed with relatively mild temperatures of around 12 degrees Celsius, and, miraculously, the rain stayed away as well! This stroke of luck allowed everyone to fully immerse themselves in the activities without any weather-related concerns. The steaming hot food from Hog Roast North Curry also proved to be a hit, offering a welcome source of warmth and energy for the participants.

The outdoor fun day proved to be a massive success, and Calvin and Michael are already brainstorming ideas for their next event. Their vision is to help foster friendships within the community and encourage people to appreciate the outdoors throughout the year.

Of course, Hog Roast North Curry has secured an invite to cater at this next gathering, promising another delicious spread to complement the festivities – we can’t wait!