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We’ve been busy as usual this last month, a little more so than usual actually. Spitting Pig Somerset has gotten off to a strong start this year with a relatively busy January. We’ve been dealing with lots of interest from the public, and we’ve catered at a good number of events for this time of the year.

To kick off proceedings the month started in an expected fashion, with a tidal wave of calls and emails about Spitting Pig hog roast catering. It seems a lot of people need catering this year and have been hearing about us from their family and friends, which is great to hear that word of mouth advertising is still going strong and helping to keep us as busy as ever. But let’s dive straight into the juicy stuff…

This month we’ve had a fantastic time catering at a good number of events; it’s fair to say we’ve had our fill in August, with a nice selection of events of all varieties and sizes.

To start with the team traveled across to Glastonbury on the 2nd of August with a pig and machine in hand to hog roast for a special birthday party for a lady called Mary who was celebrating her 90th birthday. It was a good party and we enjoyed cooking a hog roast buffet for Mary and all of her friends and family members. The roasted pig and chicken led the way, but there wasn’t any shortage of people eager to get their hands on the canapes, salads, potatoes and deserts.

After Mary’s party we kicked on the day after and it was much of the same with another party, once again in Glastonbury. We were booked to cater at a party by a long-time customer called Greg, who’s used our services on a few occasions, usually for his business needs. This was the first time we’ve catered a general party for him, and the catering was booked on behalf of his wife Janet who turned 38 – I guess Greg couldn’t wait until her 40th to book us again! The menu was kept simple, with the classics of spit roasted pig and spit roasted beef for the party, both with our trademark fresh bread rolls. But don’t let the simplicity fool you, the guests were raving about the roasts and by the end of the night there was nothing left of either! It was one of many successful parties we catered for in August, and we’ve had ample bookings for birthday parties later in the year too.

Another thing that’s been happening this month, following on from June, is customers swooping in on our fantastic summer bbq menu. The summer bbq menu is a new idea that we started last year and it’s safe to say that’s it’s been a tremendous success up to this point. We’ve catered the summer bbq menu many times throughout August, as with the June gone, and are still receiving last minute bookings for the bbq offer.

The summer bbq menu is set to be a classic Spitting Pig menu, with a choice of spit roasted pig or bbq and some rustic British salad it’s up there with the best of our menus and for summer events we can’t recommend it enough. The price of the menu is also very reasonable. If you want a quote for a summer bbq menu at your event head on over to the contact us page.

One more event that merits a mention has got to be a wedding in Shepton Mallet, and merit a mention it does, because it was a very large wedding with 170 guests. To have that many guests at a wedding is remarkable, almost as remarkable as the great hog roast we provided! No, but seriously, the wedding was spectacular and one of the most impressive we’ve been involved with. The Spitting Pig team really enjoyed the event, which is no real surprise because it was one of those events you couldn’t do anything but love. Good people, a good occasions, and good food to top it all off.

All in all we’ve had a great month here at Spitting Pig Somerset and hope that your month was as good as ours. We’ll be back again at the end of next month hopefully with some more exciting news and a few more stories about what we get up to.

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