Hog Roast Codford Can’t wait for the snow!

We are off to do a hog roast in Codford today and we can’t wait for the snow! Yes you may think us crazy but us at Hog Roast Codford really love nothing more than cooking delicious food in the freezing cold and especially the snow it makes the food taste much better we think! We always get very excited this time of year and we cant wait to get our Christmas decorations up in the office sad you may thing but we don’t care! We always say to customers that the best time to hog roast is winter as hog roasting is perfect winter food! This week we were catering for a large corporate event for a banker convention lots of important clients and we are always very professional and know that with a full stomach and good food it can sway in the favour DSC01381-300x225of the clients and it always does! Upon arrival we placed the beef and chickens on the rotisserie and within minutes they began to cook we were making some jacket potatoes on the other machine and then we began to make the fillings, chicken and sweet corn, cheese and onion and spicy pepper mix, Hog Roast Hire were going to slice the meat and let the clients help them selves we feel this works best as most do like to do this and they get so much enjoyment of construction their own sandwiches and we then sliced open the piping hot jacket potatoes and placed them all on individual plates and everyone came along and helped them selves to fillings of their choice the room was full of chatter as we stood back an let them all help them selves we then set about filling the champagne flutes with the finest of champagne nothing but the best for our guests! When all had ate we were told that the food was splendid by all and they were in high spirits we left some calling card on the tables and we were so pleased when the guests took the cards too! As we headed home the talk got back to Christmas again and our waitress asked if it was too soon to put the tree up in the office? We had to laugh as we all said, far to early even for us!