September Already and a hog roast in Shrewton

Summer still here and in September already, summer has been surprisingly really good and has as ever gone by far to quickly, but not to worry we still have a few weeks left of this glorious weather and we must all make the most of it whilst it lasts looking forward to a hog roast in Shrewton! Hog Roast were out west at the weekend and catering for a birthday party a fiftieth birthday with lots of guests expected to arrive and we were very keen to put on a great show! Pork and crackling were on order and that is I must say our speciality and we make the best pork and crackling in the Country! We score the skin an hour or so before the pig is cooked and then we sprinkle our special herbs and spices into the pig and the crackling has a very unique taste and everyone says it is the best crackling they have ever tasted before! Spitting Pig Somerset Hog RoastAs the guests arrived we showed them to their seats a very formal gathering and the tables looked exquisite the lady who’s birthday it was a caterer too and worked in a big swanky restaurant and she was head chef so we knew we had to do our utmost to impress her and she couldn’t help but coming over to watch as the meat cooked and she seemed very impressed by the pig and had a hundred and one questions for us which we were all keen to answer. Hog Roast Shrewton chefs carved the meat and it was so moist and juicy and we couldn’t wait for the lady to taste the meat and the crackling was crunchy and full of wonderful flavour as the lady bit into the meat we watched with baited breath and she was very impressed she said in all her years of catering and through al the fancy machinery she had used over the years she had never ever experienced anything like the pork before and said that she must hire a machine for the restaurant and make pig and maybe it will be a regular occurrence we were so pleased and felt we were onto something big!