Helping You To Create The Perfect Menu With Hog Roast Bruton

A Hog Roast Bruton menu is anything that you want it to be; after all, when you’re planning your very own special occasion where you want delicious food to be featured, you want it to be your choice of dishes. Additionally, we understand that you may have particular dietary needs, whether for yourself or your guests, or some may prefer different food due to their own personal tastes, which is why we have plenty of other options available if needs be.

Many of our customers return to us again and again for our amazing traditional hog roasts, served either as part of a meal or as piles of pigs in buns. Nevertheless, many also return to Hog Roast Bruton for our menus that are full of choice and variety regarding main courses and standalones, and with options for all kinds of welcome canapés, starters, sides and desserts if you’d like a menu of several courses, we’ve got you covered every which way.

For an alternative main to a hog roast, you may well prefer spit-roasted beef, lamb, turkeys or chickens or a traditional barbecue. The hog roast machines we use when catering are our own brand, which we designed and manufacture ourselves, and with handy attachments, we can easily do this if you like, or we can serve a standalone menu like our Southern Slow Roast, Loaded Fries or Alfresco. Each offers something somewhat unique to treat your guests, like three meaty mains and four sides with a Southern Slow Roast, meat, slaw and cheese with an order of Loaded Fries or three courses if you go for our Alfresco Menu, including antipasti platters, a hog roast and then dessert.

Guests on special diets can enjoy various suitable possibilities too, such as gluten-free pigs in buns (we only need to take along suitable bread rolls and wraps!) or vegan barbecued jackfruit and slaw. Whatever kind of menu you’re hoping for, we’ve got you covered, and our friendly Hog Roast Bruton professionals will happily work together with you in order to create the perfect one for you and everyone you’re inviting.