Hog Roast Avonmouth: Socially Distanced Corporate Catering

Hog Roast Avonmouth recently received a call from Chilworth Construction Management representative, Maria who had been put in charge of setting a plan in motion for the huge lunchtime feast the company had been gearing up for. As industry leaders, the CCM team are always busy with new contracts, and so to thank the team for all their hard work and devotion – especially throughout these past few months – it was decided that one of our hog roast spreads would make for the perfect treat!

Hog Roast AvonmouthOf course, with social distancing measures still firmly in place, it wasn’t just the menu that had to be thought about before the event took place. To ensure the safety of all 170 members of staff, as well as the Hog Roast Avonmouth crew, our catering manager, Alistair worked closely with Maria to come up with a service plan which consisted of staggered catering slots. Not only would this allow everyone to enjoy the event without any concerns, but it also prevented the guests from having to wait longer than necessary in a queue. You might say it was a win-win for everyone!

For the food, the client had opted for our classic hog roast menu with a meat-free option of grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers with tzatziki dip and flatbreads. This stripped-back menu kept things as simple as possible for everyone, and to prepare the splendid feast in time for the first serve, the Hog Roast Avonmouth team arrived on-site at 10 am.

With the help of Charley, Alistair quickly set up the catering gazebo right outside our trusty van before getting straight to work on slow roasting the pork. By the time the first group appeared, the meat was glistening with juices and ready to be carved up and served alongside the crispy crackling, homemade applesauce and gluten-free bread rolls.

Maria was so pleased with the lengths Hog Roast Avonmouth went to, to ensure the event went off without a hitch, and even with social distancing rules to follow, the afternoon was fun for everyone involved. The food went down a storm with the staff too, who devoured every last morsel before the day was up!