Hog Roast Hambridge Saves The Day!

Usually when we are contacted to provide our hog-roasts for clients, they sensibly get in touch a while in advance to check our availability and to allow us the chance to discuss exactly what they want in terms of menus and check if they have any special requirements, dietary or otherwise, timing etc. But that’s not always possible and sometimes a client contacts us at short notice and is lucky enough to fit in with a gap in our diary.

Last Thursday was such an occasion. Jack and Emma contacted us with an eye to making a booking for a hog roast Hambridge, and were more than a little relieved to hear we could fit them in at 2 days notice. They needed catering for their engagement party and though they’d sensibly started arranging things months in advance; their original caterers had unexpectedly cancelled on them with less than a week to go, and since then they’d been searching for someone who fit their budgetary and timing requirements.

Now this might make it sound as if we at Hog Roast Hambridge were not high up their list of potential caterers. As it turned out, we weren’t even on the radar. They had no idea that hog roasts Hambridge were a thing. But such was their distress, that when Emma mentioned the difficulty she was experiencing in finding a ‘normal’ catering company to fit their short timescale, one of her friends mentioned to her that she’d been at a party a while back, where the hosts had provided delicious fresh from the spit slices of roast pork as their catering. They brought their own spit roasting machines and supplied the guests with copious quantities of gorgeously cooked pork, in freshly baked rolls, with tasty stuffing, applesauce and even crackling. With side salads and desserts too. According to Emma’s friend, this was a much superior and interesting form of catering. Guess who those caterers were?

Needless to say, when we turned up to save the day, providing our usual top-notch service and equally high quality food, both Jack and Emma were tickled pink. They had been on the verge of cancelling their party, but the recommendation from a friend had led them to search for us online, and we delivered what to them was an unusual but very effective form of catering for their party. Given that this was their engagement party, it also had the added benefit of them now having plenty time to make sure that we’ll be booked in to provide similar service for their wedding day next year.