Hog Roast Highbridge cater for a Staff Training Day!

Let’s face it, staff training days aren’t always the most thrilling of experiences, but then again not every company is lucky enough to have Hog Roast Highbridge on the premises to provide some exciting and revitalising grub to help get everyone through the day!

After the previous year’s training event being a bit of a gruelling affair by all accounts, the head honchos at a local technology company decided they needed our help to inject a bit of enthusiasm into their workforce with some of our fab fresh food and locally-reared pork!

We were as always, only too happy to oblige, and because our fleet of hog roast machines can be used anywhere, it was no problem for us to set up camp in the cleared area of the car park that had been designated for the preparation.

veggie dish Whilst the employees were being put through their paces, the Hog Roast Highbridge team spent the morning spit roasting our top quality pork and freshly preparing the buttery new potatoes, macaroni cheese and coleslaw to accompany the magnificent meat for the 75 employees, along with some tasty vegetarian quiches for the 15 who didn’t eat meat.

Lunch was due to be served at 12.30 and as always, we timed the preparation to perfection. As the staff members eagerly escaped from the training centre, lured by the smell of the freshly sliced pork, we had our serving spoons at the ready to give them their training day treat!

Everyone looked terribly pleased to see us and told us the thought of our food was the only thing that kept them going through all of the morning’s presentations and group exercises! We always love putting a smile on people’s faces and we certainly had a very pleased looking bunch queuing up to get served! They didn’t have to wait very long though, as we are as efficient as we are friendly when it comes to service and in no time, everyone was tucking in!

The employees were all very reluctant to return to the training room, but most of them managed to come back for seconds before having to face the music! The training day organisers thanked Hog Roast Highbridge for our efforts and they were delighted that our food had had the desired effect on their employees!