Golden Wedding Anniversary with Hog Roast Cheddar!

Surrey - sticky ribs1On Saturday we were honoured to be asked to cater for long term customers of ours, Doreen and John’s, golden wedding anniversary! Over the years the couple had enjoyed our Hog Roast Cheddar at previous anniversary parties and family events and decided that for their special day they would like nothing more than a Hog Roast Cheddar to celebrate with their friends and family.

In the run up to the event we spoke with the lovely couple on the phone to help them decide on a menu. In the past they had tried our hog roast sandwiches and roasted chickens, so they wanted something a little different. Hog Roast Cheddar suggested they try our delicious Southern Slow Roast menu. This menu allows you to sample a variety of different meats that have all been roasted ‘low and slow’ and marinated in our special recipe sauces to make sure they are packed full of flavour. Doreen and John liked the sound of this and chose our speciality Creole Pulled Quarter of Spiced Lamb, BBQ Pork Butt and some Fall Off The Bone Louisiana Sticky Pork Ribs. To accompany these meats, they asked for some of our homemade Mac and Cheese which they knew would go down well with the vegetarian guests too, along with a fabulous Greek salad with lots of feta cheese and olives and some corn cobettes that we serve smothered in lots of butter. Satisfied with the menu all that was left to do was wait for the big day to arrive…

North Wales - corn on the cob After setting up at the couple’s house, we set to work preparing the meats and sides ready for the guests to arrive. Upon arriving at the couple’s home everyone was met with the mouth-watering aroma of a Hog Roast Cheddar and we could see the looks of joy on people’s faces. We served the food and after making sure everyone was well fed we said our congratulations to John and Doreen on their anniversary and toasted to many more to come!