Hog Roast Minehead – A Chance To Recharge For The New Year

With the Christmas holidays finally here we at Hog Roast Minehead hope you all at home are doing just the same as us and taking the break to relax and recharge after a busy and tiring year. After a year of hard work we all get to enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner and then days of leftovers and plenty of chocolates and gifts before we get back to it again for 2024.

As a caterer we at Hog Roast Minehead know the value of taking your breaks when you can. The Christmas holidays should be a time for anyone to take a quick breather and just enjoy the company of friends or family for a little while. You can take a moment to forget all of your work stresses and just enjoy comfort foods and cosy films. It’s a holiday, so be sure to treat it like one, even if that just means you are lounging around the house for a week straight – it’s what Christmas is for!

Hog Roast MineheadAt Hog Roast Minehead every one of our staff members has endured a whirlwind year of hundreds of events. We are lucky enough to be able to look back at 2023 now as a successful year for the whole Hog Roast Minehead family as we got back to doing all that we love with events without any more threats of restrictions or lockdowns. Events were able to flourish this year with customers once again having the confidence in to put on large scale events again, and we couldn’t have been happier to be right there with them.

Now our team have earned their rest, especially after a very busy Christmas season of festive events. We’ll be taking all the relaxation we can get before we get right back to in the New Year with NYE events and the last of the work night out bookings that we were unable to fit into our December schedule. After a quick recharge, your Hog Roast Minehead will be raring to go again with the many big plans we have coming in 2024. 2023 was a great year, but we’re aiming as we always do to make 2024 even better!