Hog Roast Minehead’s Classic Hog Roast Menu Is Perfect For All Events!

Our customers and clients all agree that the Classic Hog Roast Menu is the ideal accompaniment to any event! Boasting luxurious-tasting, moist and succulent shredded pork, with lightly salted and deliciously crisp crackling, beautifully-seasoned sage and onion stuffing, and perfectly-balanced applesauce served on freshly-baked gluten-free or wholemeal rolls with a selection of gorgeous sides, our signature menu is too good for anyone to resist!

As a firm favourite among our new and existing clients alike, this spectacular feast is regularly served by our Hog Roast Minehead team at events and celebrations all year round. In fact, just last week, we presented it at a private Bonfire Night celebration close by.

This particular party waHog Roast Mineheads hosted by Penny, who had invited over 40 of her nearest and dearest to spend Guy Fawkes Night at her house. Only after inviting everyone did she then realise that she was going to have to feed them all! As a self-described kitchen nightmare, Penny didn’t want to risk giving her guests food poisoning or burning down her kitchen, so she resolved to get the experts involved.

This, of course, is where Hog Roast Minehead entered the picture, and right after speaking to our catering manager, Alistair, a wave of relief rushed over Penny. Speaking with Alistair about her vision for the event and hearing his knowledgeable responses filled her with confidence, and, on the day of the event, he wowed her even further.

Alistair and the Hog Roast Minehead team arrived at Penny’s abode in the early hours of the afternoon, and after firing up the HogMaster, and settling the full-size pig onto a bed of stuffing, where it spent the next 5+ hours slowly sizzling its way to perfection, our caterers helped the client set up her decorations and dining furniture for the party.

Hog Roast MineheadIt was already quite dark outside when the guests arrived at 6pm, but the flames from the fire pit, outdoor lanterns and Hog Roast Minehead’s well-lit gazebo provided plenty of lighting for everyone. After greeting their host and each other, the guests quickly made their way to our stall, where Alistair proudly presented them with a plateful of tasty grub.

Everyone had a splendid night watching the fireworks and lighting sparklers, but they especially enjoyed the superb hog roast our team prepared for them!