Hog Roast Stogumber – Spring Fate

The village were holding their annual spring fate and we were asked to come along and cater for the event with our Hog Roast Stogumber. The sun was shining and they could not have picked a better day. We were told the numbers would be approximately 300 but we always bring more just in case as we would hate to run out of food!

We arrived early and found our spot to set up and put up the gazebo to shade us from the blaring sun. BBQ ribs, chicken breast, and sausages were to be cooked along with potato wedges so we soon had the food all prepared and cooking. Whilst the food was cooking we made some salads and a huge colourful tomatoes salad topped with layers of cheese. A lovely coleslaw was prepared and dressed with watermelon these bowls looked so nice we placed lots of different salad leaves in bowls too. We placed the rolls into bowls and we were ready and waiting for the guests to arrive.

Within minutes the crowds flooded in and we had a long queue we placed the cooked Hog Roast Stogumber food on huge servers and served the guests the chicken cooked to perfection so succulent and moist the ribs were so sticky and the meat just fell apart and we had lots of napkins at the ready for sticky hands! We made an assortment of wedges some plain and others covered in spices giving a unique flavour and all went down so well with the guests. We handed out cards to the guest with their food with all our details on them and lots were commenting and asking about pricing and lots of gasps of shock when we told them the cost as they were expecting us to be very expensive by the presentation and taste of our food but that’s not us! We keep the costs as low as we possible can we buy in bulk and pass on the savings to our customers. When the event finished and as we headed back to the van we had lots of people again come over to us and congratulate us on a job well done and that makes our day!