Still Got That Bank Holiday Feeling? Bring Hog Roast Taunton’s Catering to Work!

Hog Roast SomersetThe 4-day bank holiday is so often a blessing and a curse for us all. Of course we can’t wait to get into that holiday mood and use the long weekend over Easter to get nice and rested, or go for a short trip, or meet up with friends and family for food and drinks. But the flipside of the brilliance of the 4-day weekend is that the prolonged time off work makes it all the harder to drag yourself back into the office come the Tuesday.

Not to fear, however! Hog Roast Taunton has just the salve you need to make coming back to work just that little bit easier this week. If you’re still in the bank holiday mood then why not bring a bit of the bank holiday back to work with you via our delicious hog roast catering. The best part of any bank holiday is already getting to go out for lunch and dinner, so bring lunch to you with our exemplary corporate catering! Our specialist catering is assured to brighten up the work day; you can treat the entire office to a delicious buffet lunch made up of the most exquisite roasts that you’ll find in dining, never mind just corporate catering.

As a corporate caterer Hog Roast Taunton regularly works with local businesses to bring special midweek lunch services to the workplace. It’s a hugely popular service of ours, turning the business lunch into an all-out dining fest perfect for perking up those midweek blues at the office. When you’ve just returned from a long weekend it is also a great way to smooth over that transition that little bit more.

Hog Roast SomersetIf you are a business that has worked with Hog Roast Taunton before then you could make your order right now and we’ll potentially be able to set up your visit for just a few days’ time as a benefit of us already knowing the ins and outs of your workplace. New orders may have to wait slightly longer, but it will be worth it all the same (plus, you’ll then have us ready in the phonebook for the next return from a bank holiday!)