The Famous Southern Slow Roast From Hog Roast Ilminster

When our long-term customer Barbara asked Hog Roast Ilminster to cater with a difference, she was thinking of a versatile menu that would no doubt please all of her sixty guests. We’ve catered many of Barbara’s private parties and business events in the past, mainly with our lavish hog roasts and sumptuous spit-roasted meat, often together with hot or cold side dishes, or sometimes with canapés or even several courses. However, for her most recent private party at a large local hotel, to celebrate her own 60th birthday with lots of friends and family members, she would get to enjoy our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu.

Hog Roast Ilminster

Our Southern Slow Roast gives our customers their choice of three out of five possible marinated meats and four out of a possible seven side dishes, as well as a vegetarian option if needed (and we can cater other special diets too – just let us know in advance). The meat dishes are all marinated in our special rubs – secret recipes of ours, which are simply to die for – and then on the day of your special occasion, we cook them low and slow, for hours. You can choose from barbecued pork butt, Cajun whole chickens, Texan-style beef brisket, Creole lamb or Louisiana sticky pork ribs, and for her party, Barbara settled on pork, lamb and ribs. 

In terms of sides, we offer corn cobettes, homemade coleslaw, skin-on baked potatoes, mac and cheese, Greek salad, a green leaf salad, and spicy sweet potato wedges, and Barbara decided that mac and cheese, corn cobettes and the two salads would be the perfect accompanying dishes. Our homemade Hog Roast Ilminster veggie option is our tasty grilled vegetable and halloumi wraps, served with Tzatziki sauce, which Barbara also asked us to serve on the day for three of the guests.

On the day of the milestone birthday celebration, Hog Roast Ilminster cooked a feast fit for kings and queens, which was quite apt as the party was fancy dress, with Barbara dressing up as Queen Victoria! By the end of the evening, all of our fresh, high-quality food had been devoured by the satisfied guests, and we quietly cleared away and left them all to enjoy the rest of the party.