Village Hall Hog Roast, Chedzoy.

A Village Hall in Chedzoy was our destination this weekend. A lovely couple had organised for their son to get Baptised at the local church, and had decided to have a hog roast in Chedzoy afterwards. It was a lovely sunny day, although slightly chilly, but people were more than happy to walk from the church down to the village hall, a short 2 minute walk. When we arrived, the hall was set up perfectly, tables and chairs outlined the room, with a small area at the back kitted out with soft toys and a dance floor area for the young ones! With it being such a nice day, we set up our gazebo at the entrance and were happy to serve from there. Our client had wanted quite a casual, laid back theme when it came to food, so our succulent hog roast in Chedzoy was served with our homemade apple sauce, stuffing and fresh bread rolls on to disposables. Quite a few of the guests remained outside whilst eating, enjoying the sun whilst it lasts! Within a couple of hours of being there, we had served and were ready to head off home, we cleared everything up, said our farewells and set off with the sun still shining.