Your Very Own Coachella? Birthday Catering With Hog Roast Frome

Hog Roast FromeEver wondered what it would be like to go to Coachella? Don’t worry, we went one better by catering for ‘Joeachella’ this past week as our Hog Roast Frome headed out to our customer Joe’s special 30th birthday party and provided all the foods for an excellent afternoon of music and sun.

While it might not quite be California and a festival of thousands with some of the hottest names in music, the weather certainly gave us a touch of that summer Cali feeling at Joe’s 30th. Plus, while there might not be international superstars out our festival of fun, what Joeachella does boast over Coachella is a Hog Roast Frome catered lunch. Beat that, Calvin Harris!

Yes, our team headed out to one of the most well set up and fun birthday afternoons that we at Hog Roast Frome have seen for quite some time. Surrounded by friends and family, Joe’s Joachella had the lot: festival tents, a large outdoor space, the sun, plenty of great music and fun, and of course catering from yours truly too! Our specially prepared hog roast was the headlining act in a day full of incredible displays. The Hog Roast Frome expert chefs came out to the cheering crowd with our freshly made whole hog roast and soon had it carved up fresh from the spit to be used as a delicious pulled pork filling. Joining the lead pork was our backing band of homemade sage and onion stuffing, halloumi and veg skewers, mixed salad, homemade coleslaw, and of course a huge selection of rolls and sauces.

Hog Roast FromeOur team set up our stand just outside the festival tents so that guests could take a break from the mini festival fun at their own leisure and come over to the Hog Roast Frome team to serve them with whatever foods they choose before heading over to the set up outdoor seating area. We even had a couple of cute furry friends come over to check out the offerings!

We had an excellent afternoon, and we hope Joe and all of his attendees did too. Joeachella looked a massive success to us, so we hope the festival returns next year again!