50 Years Celebrated the Right Way With Hog Roast Athelney

Birthdays are as great an excuse as any to really spoil yourself. No one can say no to your favourite meal or for your choice of activity for the day, so it is important that you make as much of the day as you can. If you want to use the day and all of its advantages to the fullest then might we recommend a party amongst friends and family with some fine dining catering from your team here at Hog Roast Athelney. With our stylishly made authentic hog roasts you can have a dining experience worthy of your birthday.

The specialness of the day multiplies ten-fold when it as benchmark birthday such as your fiftieth. That is why last week Margaret, a long time customer with Hog Roast Athelney, came to her favourite caterer to order a birthday buffet worthy of her half century on this Earth.

We have enjoyed serving Margaret a couple of times through the years, so it really was a no brainer to work together again for her 50th. Our chefs already know a lot about what she loves from our menus, so it was quick work to settle on a menu for the day and a service style. We of course opted for her favoured hog roast classic in a buffet style, but we know that Margaret is also a particular fan of our spit roasted lamb as well, so this became the second carved meat choice in our buffet.

Hog Roast AthelneyMargaret’s daughter is vegetarian so it was also important to have both our BBQ jackfruit and veg and halloumi skewer alternatives to our roast Filling out the rest of our buffet was a lot of the usual suspects: herb dressed baby new potatoes, Caesar salad, gourmet coleslaw, seasonal mixed leaves, fries, and a selection from our leftover canapés after their initial serving before the dinner during guest arrivals. Margaret also loves cheesecake, so of course for her 50th there was no way we weren’t going to have selection of desserts out for after the buffet.

It was an excellent evening in which Margaret was able to celebrate the right way with her friends, family, and of course her favourite Hog Roast Athelney dinner. 50th’s don’t get much better!