A Retirement Hog Roast Castle Cary For Twenty

Our dedicated Hog Roast Castle Cary professionals always go the extra mile when it comes to catering our customers’ parties and events, whether it’s a wedding reception meal that we’re attending or a birthday party or something altogether different. We have much experience in catering just about anything you can think of, both formal and informal special occasions, with either hundreds of guests invited or just a handful, and in all sorts of locations too. Our trusty hog roast machines are portable and run on gas, so we don’t need mains electric to cook for you, which means if you want us to cater in the middle of nowhere, we can do that for you!

Hog Roast Castle CaryYou may well be surprised but in terms of the food that we provide, a Hog Roast Castle Cary experience is not just about the sumptuous hog roasts that we are famous for. While we have spent a long time perfecting our traditional hog roasts and they are loved by many, we also know that our customers very often need choice and variety, to cater for personal tastes, dietary needs and varying appetites. You may prefer spit-roast chickens, turkeys, lamb or beef, or one of our special standalone menus to be the main feature of your special occasion, like our Loaded Fries or Southern Slow Roast, so those who prefer a different meat to pork have lots to choose from with us too. Special diets are not a problem at all, and you’ll find vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options on our menus but we will always cater other diets if required too – just let us know your needs in advance of your party. Plus we have many additional dishes available if you want more food served, including starters, desserts, sides and canapés, so there really is something for everyone.

Hog Roast Castle Cary catered a retirement party earlier today, where we cooked a centrepiece hog roast to make masses of pigs in buns for the twenty guests as well as made our spicy sweet potato wedges and homemade coleslaw, and by the end of the evening, the hog had been stripped clean and so had everything else too!