Birthday Celebrations! Hog Roast In Kilve

We’ve had the great pleasure of providing the catering for so many different kinds of events over the years, including wedding receptions, birthdays and anniversaries. We’ve also catered at school fĂȘtes, celebrity parties and corporate hospitality gigs, and although I love my job as a chef every single day, one of my clear favourites was recently cooking a hog roast in Kilve for a very special little girl.

Hannah’s parents came to us to ask about our catering services as they were planning a party to celebrate their daughter turning 4. As her fourth birthday approached, her parents wanted to celebrate its importance with a party for family and friends, and wanted a roasting pig as the main spectacle.

While we can provide much more than a hog roast in Kilve when catering for events, Hannah’s parents particularly wanted our delicious hog roast rolls, as they had tried them in the past at a friend’s wedding. We freshly cook a locally-sourced pig for a few hours in front of you, as freshness is key, and when it’s done and resting, we prepare the soft floury bread rolls, tangy apple sauce, and homemade stuffing. We bring napkins and condiments with us and everything is laid out neatly on the serving station next to the hog roast machine.

In addition to the pigs in buns, Hannah’s parents asked us to provide a selection of baked potatoes, garden-fresh salads, coleslaw and potato salad. For this party of 30 guests, we had a huge pile of potatoes baking away inside the hog roast machine, at the bottom, underneath the roasting pig. This was partly a food option for two vegetarian guests, partly for those who preferred not to eat the meat and partly for those who wanted a hot potato in addition to their pork rolls. Our machines can fit a lot of baked potatoes inside!

Once all the guests had arrived, they all toasted Hannah’s birthday and wished her many more to come, and I got the carving knife ready to carve off the salty crackling, ready to start filling the hog roast rolls with our delicious hog roast in Kilve.