Hog Roast Chippenham Always Updating Our Menus!

Hog Roast Chippenham is often asked to cater all kinds of special occasions, including wedding receptions, anniversaries, christenings, engagements and retirements, as well as school, charity and corporate events. Our delicious food is suitable for just about anything that you might have in mind, so whatever you’re planning, whether it’s a classy affair or an informal get-together, our expert chefs and catering assistants will work hard to exceed your expectations.

Hog Roast ChippenhamIn terms of our food, with Hog Roast Chippenham, we don’t just offer hog roasts. Our signature dish is, of course, a tasty treat that’s loved by many and not surprisingly, as to make one, we freshly prepare a hog roast on the day of your party or event, slowly roast for hours on end, and then serve at the optimum temperature once the skin has turned to luscious crackling and the meat has become tender and moist and just melts in your mouth. Nevertheless, we also know that our customers may want or need alternatives to suit personal tastes or special diets or may need supplemental dishes to be provided. We can easily do all this and much more, as we offer hog roast alternatives like spit-roasted meats, various dishes that are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and other diets, as well as an array of starters, sides, desserts and even canapés if needed.

For your particular party or event, it may be that you need Hog Roast Chippenham to cater with one of our speciality menus. In the colder months, this includes our popular winter warmer and all-year-round it may be with our Southern Slow Roast or new loaded fries. The latter is where we add either barbecued beef brisket or slow-roasted pulled pork to French fries and top with a zesty or spicy slaw, melting cheese and jalapenos, and for Winnie’s private party that we catered yesterday, this menu was the perfect choice.

After setting up our equipment at the hotel venue, preparing a hog and then cooking it for several hours, Winnie’s thirty guests feasted on our pulled pork loaded fries with zesty slaw, and we had so many compliments about this menu and future bookings too.