Hog Roast Langport – Have You Got Room For Seconds?

When it comes to providing tasty food made from fresh, local, high-quality ingredients, Hog Roast Langport is the number one choice, and not just for our succulent hog roasts. While we have spent a long time perfecting our hog roasts and we’re rightly proud of them, we have a lot more on offer for our customers and their guests, and that’s so we can ensure that everyone invited to your party or event gets to enjoy our food and not just the majority of guests.

Hog Roast LangportWhether you need a special diet catering, like vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free, or you want us to provide additional dishes like sides, starters or desserts, or even if you’d prefer us to cook an alternative meat like spit-roasted beef, lamb, turkey or chicken, barbecued burgers, ribs and sausages, or marinated pork, beef, chicken, ribs or lamb, we really do offer something for everyone. With Hog Roast Langport catering, everyone you invite gets to eat delicious, suitable food.

Our chef and catering assistants recently catered for Jeanette’s milestone birthday party, held at a local social club, where we cooked outdoors in the chilly December air, but warmed everyone up with one of our amazing winter warmers. Outside catering in the autumn or especially in the winter can be tricky for some but not with a hog roast winter warmer, as the freshly-cooked, hot meat warms you up from the inside out and the addition of hot potatoes, vegetables and gravy helps too.

Jeanette asked us to cook a medium-sized pig for this special occasion, which would feed the forty guests for her 50th birthday plenty of seconds or more of the tender and moist meat. She also asked us to cook butternut squash, parsnips, carrots and roast potatoes with rosemary and garlic, which we would serve together with crispy, salty crackling carved hot off the hog, as well as our own homemade apple sauce, stuffing and onion gravy.

On the day of the party, Hog Roast Langport cooked up a storm, with all of the guests queueing up for seconds, and by the end of service, the hog had been stripped clean and we knew we had done Jeanette proud.