Provide A Delicious Lunch For Your Staff This Summer With Catering From Hog Roast Exton

Hog Roast ExtonIf you run an office or business, then you may be tasked with how to keep your staff motivated and hard-working. A great way to boost morale is to provide a delicious lunch for your team to enjoy, and Hog Roast Exton has plenty of menus that are sure to go down a treat. Here is just one tasty option that you can provideā€¦

This July, Hog Roast Exton catered for an office lunch taking place at a local electronics supplier. The office employs a team of 20 staff members, with a wide range in age and personal interests. Because of this, it can be difficult to find a way to motivate everyone equally, since there is such a variety of team members. Luckily, Hog Roast Exton has menus that can appeal to any guest list, making a buffet lunch served by us the ideal way to motivate your staff. For this occasion, we were hired to serve a classic hog roast and it was ideal for the event.

Hog Roast ExtonOn the day of the event, the Hog Roast Exton team arrived at the office and set up our catering station in a free seminar room. We began our food preparation by slow-roasting the hog and ensuring that it was cooked to perfection. The sliced pork was served in fresh bread rolls and accompanied by sage and onion stuffing, homemade applesauce, and crispy crackling. Additionally, we also served marinated chicken kebabs and halloumi and vegetable skewers, to ensure that there was plenty for every guest to enjoy. For the side dishes, we provided homemade chips, a selection of seasonal salad dishes, and gourmet coleslaw, to create a varied and nutritious buffet lunch. Our catering was the perfect addition to the event and was a great success with all 20 guests!

Are you in need of a caterer for an upcoming corporate event? If so, look no further than Hog Roast Exton. To find out which menu is right for you, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can do the rest.