Hog Roast Lilstock Birthday Party Pigs In Buns

When you’re thinking of hiring caterers to provide the food for your party or event, you know you need reliable, hard-working professionals who create tasty dishes that everyone invited will enjoy. With Hog Roast Lilstock, you get this and much more. We’ve spent years perfecting our traditional hog roast centrepieces that we’re renowned for, but we’ve also spent a long time perfecting our extensive menus to include options that satisfy all of our customers and their guests, regardless of personal tastes, appetite or dietary requirements.

Hog Roast LilstockHog Roast Lilstock knows full well that choice and variety is key when catering to the masses, so one look at our menus and you’ll see exactly how we achieve this. While we make a mean hog roast (either as a plated meal together with veg, potatoes and all the trimmings you know and love or in order to make our pigs in buns, where we cram tender meat, salty crackling and our own-recipe duo of apple sauce and stuffing inside fresh bread rolls and wraps), we can offer all kinds of alternative meat mains if needed. From spit-roast turkeys or chickens or a hunk of lamb or beef, to something a bit more unusual if preferred, your carnivore guests will all be treated to a meaty dish that they will happily devour.

It may be that you fancy one of our speciality menus to be the main attraction instead, like our amazing Southern Slow Roast, which gives your three main meats, all marinated and then slow-roasted, as well as four sides, or our fabulous Loaded Fries, where we smother chips in meat, slaw and cheese. Or it could be that you want to serve multiple courses, like a starter, main with sides and a dessert, all preceded by welcome canap├ęs. Or perhaps you need a vegetarian or gluten-free dish. Hog Roast Lilstock can easily cater your wants and needs – just contact us to find out exactly how.

For a birthday party that we catered earlier today, our chef slow-cooked a medium-sized hog for hours on end and then produced piles of pigs in buns for all forty guests to dig in to, and by the end of service, everything had been stripped clean.